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Which Hood products are gluten free?


Below is a list of Hood products that have been confirmed gluten free:

Hood Milk (all fat levels)
Hood Flavored Milk (all fat levels)
Simply Smart® Milk (fat free and 1%)
Simply Smart® Fat Free Chocolate Milk
Calorie Countdown® dairy beverages (all flavors and fat levels)
Hood Cottage Cheese (all flavors and fat levels)
LACTAID® Lowfat Cottage Cheese
Hood Golden EggNog
Hood Light EggNog
Hood Vanilla EggNog
Hood Cinnamon EggNog
Hood Pumpkin EggNog
Hood Caramel EggNog
Hood Sugar Cookie EggNog
All Hood Sour Cream
All Hood Sherbet
All Hood Cream
Hood Instant Whipped Cream
Hood Sugar Free Light Whipped Cream
All Hood Juices
Hood Country Creamer® (all flavors)
Hood Buttermilk
Hood Latte Iced Coffee Drinks (all flavors)

Hood Ice Cream flavors 
Butter Pecan
Chocolate Chip
Classic Trio
Creamy Coffee
Fudge Twister
Golden Vanilla
Light Moosehead Lake Fudge
Light Under the Stars
Maple Walnut
Mint Chocolate Chip
Natural Vanilla Bean
Peanut Butter Cup


Hood Red Sox Ice Cream 
Comeback Caramel
Fenway Fudge
Grand Slam Vanilla
Green Monster Mint
Peanut Butter Nation


Hood New England Creamery Ice Cream
Bear Creek Caramel
Boston Vanilla Bean
Cape Cod Fudge Shop
Colonial Chocolate Almond
Homemade Vanilla
Maine Blueberry & Sweet Cream
Martha's Vineyard Black Raspberry
Moosehead Lake Fudge
Mount Washington Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Mystic White Gold
Rhode Island Lighthouse Coffee
Vermont Maple Nut
Light Vanilla
Light Chocolate Chip
Light Coffee
Light Martha's Vineyard Black Raspberry
Orange Sherbet
Black Raspberry Sherbet
Wildberry Sherbet
Rainbow Sherbet 


Hood Frozen Yogurt
Chocolate Fat Free Frozen Yogurt
Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt
Maine Blueberry & Sweet Cream Fat Free Frozen Yogurt
Mocha Fudge Frozen Yogurt
Strawberry Fat Free Frozen Yogurt
Strawberry-Banana Fat Free Frozen Yogurt
Vanilla Fat Free Frozen Yogurt
Vanilla Bean Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

Hood Greek Frozen Yogurt
Blueberry Greek Frozen Yogurt
Double Chocolate Chip Greek Frozen Yogurt
Honey Vanilla Greek Frozen Yogurt

LACTAID® Ice Cream
LACTAID® Vanilla Ice Cream
LACTAID® Chocolate Ice Cream
LACTAID® Butter Pecan Ice Cream
LACTAID® Strawberry & Cream


Frozen Novelty Items
Hoodsie Cups
Hoodsie Sundae Cups
Hoodsie Pops
Hood Karnival Stix
Hood Pop Stix
Hood Ice Cream Bar
Hood Orange Cream Bar
Hood Fudge Stix
Hood Red Sox Sports Bars

Harvey Bars