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Was the first Hood farm in Derry, New Hampshire?


The farm in Derry, New Hampshire was indeed the first Hood Farm. Harvey Perley (H.P.) Hood started the farm to guarantee a supply of good wholesome milk. The milk was shipped by rail into the plant in Boston. Hood also had to buy milk from other suppliers in order to meet the increasing demand. In later years, H.P. Hood opened a farm (Hoodkroft) in Sudbury and then Cherry Hill in Beverly. 

Prior to that, H.P. served as a delivery man and bought all his milk from other farmers.So, although Hood started in 1846 the farm was not started for some 20 years later. If you go to Derry today you will find many references to Hood. There is a Hood Shopping Center, the Hood School, and there is a Country Club on the old pasture land that uses Hoodkroft and Nutfield (a name Hood used as a label for some of their grocery items) in some of their signage. H.P. Hood's influence remains to this day.