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Why can't I print the online coupons?


We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble printing our coupons.  Here are some tips and tricks that may get you printing again. 

Are you using a supported operating system and browser?Redplum Secure Print works best using Windows XP, 7 or Vista; Mac OSX 10.6.8; Internet Explorer 7-9, Firefox 5 and above, Chrome 15 and above, and Safari Mac 5.1.1.  Upgrading your browser will improve your experience and help you browse the internet safely.  

Are you hooked up to a printer?  Is the power on, and supplied with paper and ink?Make sure your default printer is set up properly before you try to print.

Is Java installed?The first time you print RedPlum coupons you may be prompted to download or update your version of Java and activate the plug-in which will accurately print your coupons so they can be readily scanned in local stores.  Installing or updating your Java is quick, easy and free.

Did you accept the Java Applet and allow plugins and controls to run?Make sure you click Accept on the Java applet when it pops up. Our applet is called “AppletPrint” and depending upon your browser may say that it is coming from, or Valassis Communications.  If you are browsing using multiple windows, make sure the Applet pop-up window didn’t get “lost” in the background.

Some browsers and systems have Java turned off by default.  To turn it back on, open the Tools or Preferences menu on your browser and use the Advanced option to make sure Java is in “Enabled” mode and your plugins are turned on. 

Did you receive a virtual machine, virtual printer, or screen-capturing software message?Printing is not allowed using virtual environments.  Please exit any screen-capturing software you may have installed on your machine, including programs in Standby mode. 

Have you tried all of the above, but you still get stuck on “Preparing to Print”?  You may have multiple versions of an older Java.  Uninstalling the older versions will allow you to start fresh with the newest version.  On a Windows computer:
• Click Start, then Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs (This is also called “Uninstall Programs”)
• After the list of programs appears (it can take a few minutes), find and click “Java”
• Click the Remove button. 
• The next time you try to print a Red Plum coupon, you will be prompted to install java.  Alternately, you can install Java yourself at